Hi there,

My name is Ryan Nelson and I'm a digital artist and designer living in Los Angeles.

I’ve designed a bunch of different things: apps and websites, physical products, props, animation, pixel art, games and more.

I’m a frequent collaborator with screenwriter & fellow maker John August, and at his company I was the design lead on Highland, Weekend Read, Bronson Watermarker and others. I also designed Writer Emergency Pack (a deck of useful ideas for writers) and One Hit Kill (a new card game of ridiculously overpowered weapons).

I have a habit of making random contributions to friend’s film projects, and produced a short film shot on the ocean called Eric Goes West. Right now I’m designing and developing for VR.

I post on twitter and instagram and occasionally write at westecho.com. You can also find some of my previous work below.

Still here?

Maybe you’re working on some fascinating project and are wondering if I’m interested in helping. We don’t know — maybe I am! You can always email me at hello@ryannelson.me.

Currently interested in (yes, most of these are over my head):

  • Experience Design for VR
  • Video Games
  • Tech history
  • Vintage computing
  • Neural networks
  • Digital physics
  • Cellular automata
  • Digital evolution and digital life
  • Super organisms
  • Symbiotic relationships
  • Weird film projects (I’m a fan of David Lewandowski, Fatal Farm and The Daniels)